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Wood Crates & Shipping Containers


Wood Crates and Shipping Containers in Phoenix

Some oversized or heavy items can’t be adequately protected by corrugated cardboard packaging and need sturdier containers. Certain goods must be shipped in crates, boxes, or containers made from wood.

The style we choose is based on the needs of the item being shipped. This includes load weight, dimensions, value, and other characteristics. Plus, we provide internal wood structures like load-bearing members, saddles, and supports as needed.

Thinking Inside the Box

Another factor we address is how to secure the item within the crate or box, or onto a skid or pallet. Bolting, blocking, bracing, and steel strapping are just some of the options. When items are shipped in a wooden shipping container, we select the appropriate securing methods and incorporate into the design right from the start.

Fully Tailored Wood Crating Solutions

In-depth knowledge of container styles, internal blocking/bracing structures, and securement methods is essential to the safe shipment of any item. We help you find the ideal enclosure for your items, capitalizing on our extensive expertise in:

Container Packaging, Loading and Shipping Services

Craters & Freighters has the expertise to handle everything from small shipments to large, dedicated, full-container-load shipments. We have the experience to properly load containers, securely bracing your shipment for the hazards of ocean shipping. We can also protect your shipment from moisture damage through proper packaging. You can trust Craters & Freighters in Phoenix, AZ for all your full-container-load shipping needs, U.S. domestic and International.

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